Final Project Expo

Come check out the visualization projects that were conducted in CS 448B this quarter! Students in this class spent the last 4 weeks of the quarter developing visualization projects spanning a wide range of topics.

Coffee and refreshments will be provided.

RSVP, Time, Location, and Directions

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CS448B final poster presentations will take place on the Stanford campus, Fri. 12/5/2018 4:40pm - 6pm in Lathrop (Library) Room 282.

You can find parking either in Parking Structure 7 or Tresidder Parking Lot. Both have pay-by-hour visitor parking. Parking lots are about a 10-15 minute walk to the poster presentation location and tend to be a little busy so please allow a little bit of extra time. Click the map below to get an interactive Google map.


Hierarchical Waveform Visualization
By Brennan Shacklett and Jennifer Tao
Our project aims to create a waveform visualization tool that allows users to easily traverse the hierarchy of their designs while debugging circuits.

Anti-Eviction Mappings
By Garrick Fernandez
Mapping eviction data in San Francisco as a political and educational tool.

More than blue jeans, trucks, and beer? An exploration of country music lyrics
By Ian Jones and Darby Schumacher
We are exploring lyric occurrence in country music compared with popular music to determine what lyrics and themes are the most prevalent in the genre.

By Angelica Willis and Matthew Ventures
A visual exploration of music trends and outliers, around the world and over the decades.

Housing Price Trends
By Chenchen Pan and Flora Wang
Our project explores the relationship between the house price change and the demographic change.

Aging, Dying, and What Matters in the End
By Allison Park
Is there a change in how people choose to spend their last days, and are we ready for that change?

Visualizing America’s Echo Chambers
By Jessica Zhao
As people increasingly use social media to learn about the world, this project investigates how algorithmic newsfeeds and one’s social graph influence viewpoints on contemporary issues.

Colleges That Are Worth It
By Rebecca Layne and Sidra Ijaz
Re-evaluating colleges through the lens of Early Career Salary.

Visual Patent Search
By Junwon Park and Alexa Siu
An interactive visualization tool to help users search for and navigate through related patents.

America Through Film
By Sydney Hutton, Alison Chen, and Carmelle Millar
An exploratory analysis of how US culture dictates geographic movie preferences.

By Travis Chen, Michelle Lam, and Lucy Wang
We go to Stanford so we all love tech…or do we? Come to the poster session to find out!

Explore and Improve Line Integral Convolution Method
By Yinchen Xu
Attempts to understand the mechanism of LIC visualization technique and to improve the expressiveness of it.

Wine Insights
By Jia Yao, Jiaxi Chen, and Ziran Zhang
We go to Stanford so we all love tech…or do we? Come to the poster session to find out!

Labeling Identities in 70,000 Hours of TV News
By James Hong
“Who is in the news?” is an important question when it comes to TV news analysis, but understanding this requires accurate identity labels on tens-of-thousands of hours of video. This project will demonstrate a workflow and tools to quickly generate and validate these labels with a human-in-the-loop, as well as some motivating analysis applications.

By Claire Shu
Exploring interest trends among Kickstart projects from 2009 to 2018.

The Evolution of General Education at Stanford University
By Karen Huynh, Kashif Nazir, and Chris Yoon
Our goal is to compare Stanford’s previous general education requirements (GERs) to its current system (WAYS of thinking/doing) by exploring how this shift affected both student course planning and enrollment as well as providing an interactive method to view how these requirements are distributed across academic departments.

Lessons Learned From Fatal Car Crash Data
By Chun Wang and Kexin Yu
We dug the car crash records of 2016 collected by NHTSA and identified the top risk factors that contribute to fatal motor vehicle crashes.

… And more!